FAQs - Your Questions Answered

What is the Club's Hot Weather Policy?

  • If the Fire Danger Rating in the Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District for a shooting day is listed as EXTREME or CATASTROPHIC, the Club's activities for that day are cancelled. (Coaching course sessions affected will be re-scheduled and participants notified.)
  • Please check the CFS website for current (and the next day's) fire ban information.

Are there any restrictions on the use of crossbows at HILLS ARCHERS?

Are dogs permitted?

  • Your canine friend is welcome, but must be under (very) effective control or on a lead when archery is in progress.

What restrictions apply to smoking?

  • In the interests of promoting and maintaining a healthy environment, HILLS ARCHERS is a non-smoking venue
  • As a Good Sports Club, the entire grounds are smoke-free (this includes the use of all electronic cigarettes) in the interests of maintaining a great environment and by disconnecting unhealthy activity from healthy sport.

Who can shoot at our Club shoots?

  • Any person who has paid the appropriate Club (shooting) membership fees and has been accepted as a financial member of HILLS ARCHERS
  • Those who have completed a beginners' course with HILLS ARCHERS and return as Temporary Members (under instruction) for a defined period
  • Any person who is a current (shooting) member of another Archery Australia affiliated Club (AA membership card required to be produced) or a member of a Club affiliated with an International Federation (World Archery/IFAA, etc) and upon payment of the Visitors' Fee
  • Any visiting member of an Archery Alliance Club (ABA/3DAAA) upon payment of the Visitors' Fee (proof of current membership of ABA/3DAAA will be required) - limited to up to four times in a calendar year
  • Any person who is a Temporary Member of HILLS ARCHERS for a specific event (e.g. TryArchery/corporate/social events, etc)

Is there a minimum age?

  • The minimum age is 9 years

The Club encourage cashless transactions..... why?

  • It's quick and easy – no need to have to arrange to catch up with the Treasurer
  • Can be completed at any time of the day or night, when it suits the individual
  • Lets a person pay via debit/credit card or by PayPal
  • Suitable for the PC, iPad/tablet, iPhone/Android mobile phone
  • Event entry and Membership payments are instant and, for members, the member record is updated immediately
  • Errors are minimised and all the information provided is legible
  • It is transparent, secure and payments don't go "missing" - it is the online equivalent of a proper (and "undoctored") paper trail
  • Email notification is sent to the Club the instant a payment is completed
  • Our volunteer Club Officers are not loaded up with additional (and time-consuming) work
  • It is seamless and reduces the operating costs of the Club
  • It just makes sense and is COVID-Safe!

Can I get to Lenswood using public transport?

  • Alas, no - the closest public transport is a bus to Lobethal - and it is not available on weekends. (The alternative? -  a friend / flexicar / Uber / Ola.)