Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting & Club Nominations Now Called

The AGM will be held on Sunday, 10 September from 12.00 noon and will be held at the Clubrooms.

Part of the Business of the AGM is to elect Officers of the Club. Half the Committee is up for election.

Nominations for the following positions are now called:

Vice-President, Secretary/Public Officer, Handicapper/Recorder,

Assistant Coach, Field Captain, Proxy ARCHERY SA Delegate

Nominations can be accepted up to 28 days before the AGM (by 14 August). (Written nominations to be sent/given to the Club Secretary.)

Please consider nominating!

The nomination form is available by CLICKING HERE

(Retiring Officers who indicate their intention to continue, do not need to complete a nomination form.)

Proxy votes are accepted. Forms will be available in due course.

The order of the business at the meeting shall be:

i. the confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and of any special general meeting held since that meeting

ii. the consideration of the accounts and reports of the Committee and the auditor’s report (if auditor’s report is required)

iii. the election of Committee members

iv. the appointment of auditor

v. any other business requiring consideration by the Club in general meeting.